5 Proven Methods to Help Grow a Client Base

5 Proven Methods to Help Grow a Client Base

The first idea to understand when working to expand your client base, is to maintain focus on building a trust relationship with ALL potential clients.

Building trust is the key way to reach new clients in this new social-based market. Only after earning their trust can you can begin to educate them on recognizing the superior value of your product or service.

Here are the top 5 methods that my consulting firm uses to acquire more clients:

1. Leverage existing networks

An existing network is the best place to start, as word of mouth advertising will help increase the client base. Reach out to your network and ask them if they know of anyone that would benefit from your product or service.

A solid core group of clients will usually make referrals and they are more likely to recommend your business to their networks. Referrals are generally regarded as the strongest potential lead generator technique because you have already established trust within your network.

2. Grow your network

An awesome business cannot gain traction without help from others. Utilizing an existing network to expand your client base is required, but will only offer so much without growing the network with new lead generation techniques.

Grow your network by attending networking events, joining organizations, or hire a professional that understands new client acquisition techniques.

3. Add calls to action

There are some strategies to take with marketing that are readily actionable, and which have the potential to pull in new clients. Add a call to action for every piece of marketing you send out, which might be an Instagram post, a monthly newsletter, or any offline marketing strategies.

Calls to action are a simple method of increasing engagement. Ask your clients their opinions, ask for suggestions, tell them to tag you with a certain hashtag. Always provide a link for potential leads to sign up for your email list.

4. Offer free trials to new clients

Another strategy to acquiring new clients is to extend a free trial of your product or service. Free trials are a tried and true tactic used to attract new clients, which can lead to good reviews and testimonials. Leverage these reviews and testimonials (see number 5) in future marketing endeavors to acquire new leads and more potential clients.

A great business can find success with a rinse & repeat cycle indefinitely, gaining more loyal clients along the way.

5. Provide your service for free as a case study

Service-based businesses can offer their service for free for a limited time, in exchange for the new client to serve as a case study. The exchange is for the new client to provide a detailed account of the benefits of your service on several social media platforms, and is a proven method to acquiring new clients.

This tried-and-true method works by proving to a potential client that there is immense value in your service, and then converting them into a loyal client. This has the effect of increasing credibility & brand exposure, while building trust relationships along the way.

For example, if you offer personal training services, explore prominent members of the local fitness community and ask to network with them. Ask them about their business and figure out how to offer a free service in exchange for an authentic blog post, or social media review. Use this referral to your advantage, and it could lead to future joint ventures with other like-minded business owners in your area.

Thank you for taking the time to explore these proven methods to help grow a client base. Hopefully you will use these techniques to your advantage and find success continuously knocking at your door.