4 Client Retention Strategies

4 Client Retention Strategies

Every business needs more clients, it doesn’t matter what business.

Without clients, the business will surely grind to a halt. Maybe not today, but eventually your business will die a slow and miserable death.

But what if you did a better job of retaining your clients? This is not as difficult as it sounds!

Here are 4 Client Retention Strategies:

  1. Stop Needing New Clients: It is possible to build a steady client base that really enjoys coming to you for your service. It is a rare thing these days to find a business that really puts forth the effort to “walk the walk” when it comes to customer service, and not just “talk the talk”. Take the time to get to know your clients, and they will reward you with their loyalty. This means you should be worthy of that loyalty though… What traits do you work to improve on? Build a happy client base, and you might not have to market so much after all.
  2. Qualify All Potential New Clients: Create a qualifying process for new clients to do business with you. It is easier to ensure that you and your client are a good fit from the beginning by giving a rundown of your services. Make the effort of understanding your client and how you fit into their life. Why do they need you? When the potential new client takes the time to learn what you are a professional at, you then start taking on new clients that understand and appreciate your skills. This is the key to the win-win situation, and both parties feel good when that happens.
  3. Build in Value: What was the last missed opportunity where you could have done just a little bit more for your client? It’s not easy to describe the feeling of getting more than you paid for, but you know it when you feel it. You can bet that your client knows it too, and when you give more value, they are sure to tell somebody about it. We can all focus a little bit less on profit so that we create ecstatic clients. These raving fans are the communication channel to get other people excited about your business. No one can buy that kind of advertising!
  4. Referrals are Worth More than Gold: Referrals are the next generation of buyers for your company so build a relationship with them. This is worth repeating, take the time to get to know your future clients. This step also builds in value from the beginning. Treat your referrals like more than a name, number, & email address. Just because we have the technology and automation does not mean we should act like robots. Use kind words, strive to remember their name, ask them about something that matters to them! When was the last time you went out of your way to say something nice?

It is possible to keep your business thriving, and your clients coming back for more. Show them some love and you are sure to make them love you and your firm. Remember, a client saved, is a client earned!



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