Top 7 Ways to Attract Clients to Your Small Business

Top 7 Ways to Attract Clients to Your Small Business

Marketing methods are changing! Doing business within this socially based word-of-mouth marketing atmosphere is complicated, but here is the cold, hard truth – no client wants to be sold to. The successful business has to follow the golden rule to eventually get business, specifically if you are a professional service business to consumer (B2C) business.

Here are the top 7 ways to attract clients to a small business.

  1. Focus on the value your service brings to the client. Be helpful to your prospective client when building trust relationships. It’s all about providing value, engaging people to foster relationships, being a good listener, and making sure you are a trusted resource before “selling”.
  2. Know your Business: How do you serve your client? What is your (UVP), Unique Value Proposition? How have you mastered understanding the solution that you provide to their problem? How do you help your client see your business as the best solution?
  3. Know Your Specific Client: Develop a client profile with their critical details. Who is your client? How does she live? Is she married with children or a single working professional? Is she a Baby Boomer or Millennial? Envision a distinct image of her, and make sure your marketing messages and content speak specifically to her. Remember these words of wisdom – market to everybody, and you market to nobody!
  4. Attract Your Niche Client: Depending on who your client is, some marketing methods will work better than others. Once you develop your client profile, figure out how to reach them specifically. The more niche focused your business is in the marketplace, the easier it is to reach your target market. Start by developing a list of your top 4-6 keywords. These should be the top search terms people use to find your products and services online.
  5. Professionally Engineer Your Marketing Strategy: Your marketing approach will be determined by your niche target client. Try a few of these ideas to reach your target client.
    • Develop an informative website
    • Content marketing/Blogging
    • Email marketing
    • Pay per click ads
    • Direct mail
    • Vehicle wrap
    • Flyers
    • Newspapers/magazines
  6. Create a Referral Machine: Turn your happy clients into an unpaid sales force for your business. Incentivize your clients with discounts and special sales to tell their friends about your business. Find unique ways to reward and acknowledge your most loyal clients. Host a client appreciation event or give a social media shout out to your clients. Everyone loves acknowledgement.
  7. Keep Your Clients: It’s cheaper to keep a client than to be forever chasing new ones. Your best opportunity to generate more revenue is to provide excellent customer service to existing clients. The best way to engage your clients is to stay aware of their needs. Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your business.
    • Contact clients within 3-7 days of a sale
    • Conduct online surveys about your clients wants & your customer service
    • Invite clients to leave a review on your social media platforms
    • Maintain an email newsletter at least monthly (some claim that weekly is best)
    • Send cards
    • Send birthday, holiday, or anniversary cards (It’s not just about Christmas, get creative!)

When you use these tried and true methods of marketing for your business, you are bound to see more repeat clients, and that means your business moves towards being sustainable. Remember anyone will try something once; you need to build a relationship of trust to get them to come back to you.

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